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Using this CRAAAAZY old site to test some stuff

So yeah, here’s the text of this post. Normally, people would just copy and paste something to fill the void, but not this guy. I want the white abyss jam packed with words of my choosing. You better believe that I’m doing this on my lunch break on a freekin’ Saturday.

Oh god, that got boring real fast…. umm…

So yeah, here’s a customer review for toilet paper on Amazon:

Out of the dozens of brands of toilet paper I’ve tried, my favorite toilet paper has always been Charmin. To me, it feels the best and I’ve never had any issues with it.

However, Charmin is not always cost effective. I remember growing up as a kid, my mom would only buy Charmin when it’s on sale. Even to this day as an adult, I do the same thing (buy in bulk when on sale).

Recently this time around, my 6 month supply of Charmin was nearly out and it wasn’t on sale at my local retailers… so I had to come up with something in a pinch (else we wouldn’t have any toilet paper, which is bad news bears). I ended up looking to Amazon and despite looking up Charmin, noticed there was a $3 off coupon for this Quilted Northern. Plus w/ Subscribe & Save, I was essentially getting $6 off the list price meaning I’d get 48 rolls for under $20. For that reason alone, that is why I pulled the trigger to buy this.

Now for those of you reading other reviews (and other people complaining about the size), these are double rolls. I’m not a Costco member, so I don’t know what they sell but relatively speaking, I’m used to Charmin Mega Rolls. So yes, these are smaller than Charmin’s Mega Rolls but the size is correct for a “double roll”.

Surprisingly compared to Charmin, this is just as soft if not softer. This surprised me, especially since I got it cheaper than I could have purchased Charmin.

What I also like is that this toilet paper is triple-ply. Generic TP is single-ply or very thin double-ply. Charmin (both Ultra Strong & Ultra Soft varieties) are double-ply. I will admit even with Charmin Ultra Strong, I’ve found that it sometimes rips easily. Not so with this Quilted Northern… which I attribute this benefit to the triple-ply sheet.

Whether or not I’ll buy from Amazon again, not sure but when I go to my local store, I’ll compare the prices of this Quilted Northern to Charmin. I’ll also be sure to check and see if this Quilted Northern is available in bigger rolls locally.

I’m definitely pleased with my purchase.


A fork in the road…

fork-int-the-roadThe guild has lost some members, some who were with the game from day 1, and some which were members of the original Doppler. We are now but 4 members, slowly grinding away the guild XP bar in hopes that one day our banner can be shown for all to see. Buts its taking a while, and it seems the only thing harder than getting that bar to move is getting more people in the guild. I have been on a Doppler ad campaign every night when I log in. I send out region messages asking for anyone looking for a guild, but I get no responses. At those times when I do group with others, it seems a rarity that anyone is without a guild.

It’s an odd feeling, to say the least. Every other MMO I have ever played has always had some people from time to time in the area chat asking if any guilds were recruiting. I don’t see that in this game. It’s definately caused by the guild XP system, no question. But, is it a good thing? Maybe yes in alot of respects, but for the situation I’m facing, no. I have spoke with other guilds that I see sending up recruitment  flares in the region chat, asking them how many people they see come in. One person told me that most of the influx to their guild is from swallowing up other guilds whose numbers were dwindling. We may be in that boat.

We are now at the point where we need to either stick it out as a group, or go wherever the tide takes us outside of the Doppler banner.

Movin’ on up…

LagwarThe intention of this blog has always been to tell the tales of the guild Doppler. Well, as time progressed, I started writing less about what we were doing as a guild, and more general WAR info. To be honest, the reason I report less on what we do as a guild is because we don’t have nearly the membership we used to, and don’t group much anymore . This IS somewhat my fault being too low level for the others, makes me feel like a kid running after an ice cream truck. But anyways, back to my point. I recently saw an opportunity to take my love of writing about my opinions on WAR, and possibly get them to a larger audience. So, this is my announcement to all who read this blog, that I am now a contributor to the Lagwar website. Nothing will change about what I write, its merely a move to reach more readers. I will still maintain this site, but only when we have interesting things happen with the guild. Like if we get more members and start doing stuff together hehe. Lets get recruiting guys!

Anywho, if you like what you’ve read here, head on over to Lagwar and check it out there.

I hope you enjoy.

Happy Hunting!

Slurms Corner…

Haven’t posted a Corner segment in a while. But, since I made the descision to play the Warrior Priest, I have been taking some random shots around the WARiverse and now I unleash them upon you. Got a couple tome unlocks, a hidden mob, and a couple oddities. Enjoy!

First off,  I was amidst questing in Empireland and got a quest to have a drinking contest vs a member of a Griffon Soldier. Who needs Kegs End?


While I was attempting to bring out the explorer in me, I ran behind a PQ in the Marshes of Madness and found a little spot I thought I could climb. And climb I did. I ended up going up a path that actually took some jumping over gaps to get to where it lead. And all I found was 1 mob in a cave at the end of journey. Just so happens the mob was level 40. So I ran away. He’s located at 25000/61000 in the Marshes of Madness if you are interested.

There be trolls here

Got this one day when I logged in. To quote the movie The Amazing Colossal Man…”Why don’t you ask me what it feels like to be a freak?”


Last one I found at 38000/29000 in Avelorn. Kinda creepie, but hey I got 1000 exp for right clickin on him.

Well Hung

My “stand” on Keg’s End…

396px-keggy_the_kegAfter coming off an event like Heavy Metal, I had high expectations for Keg’s End. I thought most of the community voiced unanimously that we enjoyed it over Witching Night. Not to say Witching Night was horrible, but it could have been better. I’m not much of a drinker, and when I do drink its not beer. I think beer tastes like dirt, and i’ve tried enough brands to know its just not my thing. So, with that said, the event doesn’t really appeal to me personnaly but I DO love the Dwarven lore that goes along with it. I have only done a little bit of the event, so until its over I can’t say if it gets the Slurm stamp of approval. So take this review as a preliminary review with another to follow after the end of the event.


-I like the ease of most of the event thus far. The mobs to kill spawn quick enough and are not too far away from the beaten path.

-It gets people in Open RvR. Anything to get people to do this is a good thing.

-The fireworks are great! Suck it WoW, You and your crappy fireworks!

-Beer! (for those who like that sort of thing) Makes it kinda feel like a big party.

-New emotes. I love how they incorporated the new emotes into a quest for the event. I think I still need a couple Destruction classes and I’ll have it completed.


-Is it moving? The bar moves sooooo sloooow. I ran through 4 camps of PvE mobs and the kegs within solo last night. You only get like 10 INF per kill and 5-6 INF per keg….solo!!! I miss how fast the bar moved for Heavy Metal where everything you did gave you a quarter of a bubble.

-It gets people in ORvR. Yea its also a pro, but the con side of it is that the performance issues just get worse with more people. (although I will say the improvments they made on one of the last patched did actually help, just not enough).

-Drop rate of the items. As I stated above, I ran thought 4 PvE camps solo last night, during this time I only got 5 dropped kegs, and 3 fireworks. The keg part of the quest requires that you get 100 of them. ONE HUNDRED. And it took about a half hour to get 5 solo. I don’t forsee this one being completed.

-The emote part of the quest should have a checklist showing you which classes you have boasted and toasted. I ran around like a madman /toasting people and had 10 of the 11 classes on our side done. It took a while to figure out which one I left out. A simple checklist (since I know its checking them off a list already) should have been an easy inclusion.

So far not bad. As I said, I’ll post another (final) review when the event is done. But overall, so far its been mediocre. I just wish there was more incentive like there was in Heavy Metal. At least there we got a nice item out of the deal.

Happy Hunting!

Ideas for Open RvR…

bright-ideaOver the past month or so, I have been running my mouth on Vent (usually Schmitty is the only one there to hear it, sorry Schmitty!) about ideas I have that I think could help Open RvR in WAR. I have posted a couple ideas on here, and even submitted a couple to the dev’s. But, I thought it might be a nice idea to list all of my ideas on one post.

So here they are:

Open RVR Quests – I submitted this one to the devs about a month ago and I still think its a good idea. The problem I have (and I know im not the only one) with Open RvR is there is no real benefit to holding a keep. Sure being able to oil attackers is great, but theres no REAL incentive for keeping a keep under your realms control. My idea was to have repeatable quest givers at each keep. The quests they give would highly rewarding in terms of exp and renown points (and now that the influence bar is included, maybe add a large amount of INF as a reward). These quests would keep the player in the Open RvR zone, and replace the kill X number of enemy players which overlap with the scenario version. Or maybe add a “escort” style quest which makes the player escort a caravan from the keep to a BO, or from the warcamp to the keep where you have to keep X amount of NPC guards alive on the caravan.

Keep Guards and Lord – This was something I have been running into more frequently lately. Sure I’ll say the guards aren’t hard to kill, and any organized group should have no problems, but I think when a keep guard or champ goes down, they stay down. I really think that they should respawn based on the same timer that the keep doors are on. As for the Lord, I think he should either be allowed to be pulled to the lower room, or not reset when he runs like a little girl from combat. One possible fix for this is something Schmitty came up with and that is have more entrances to the Lord room. Having 2 or 3 sets of ramps to that room could make the human wall/lag fiasco more manageable, and make defended keeps less impossible to take. Nothing sucks like the other night when we were seiging a keep for almost 2 hours and never moved from the ramp. I can understand losing to a good defense, but Its sad when the walls and doors of a keep are easier to get through that a ramp up to a room.

XP/RP/INF Balance – Yeah, I know they are working on it, but part of my frustrations in ORvR come from this problem. I had a previous post from when I played the Engineer in which I told tales of my 1 man keep defense. I single handedly held off 1 full group of attackers by placing the oil while they were on their ram and killed them in a mere 2-3 spills. The amount of XP I gained from this feat was on par with what I would have got from a good, winning run of Mourkain’s Temple. It was and still is the best experience I have received in Open RVR. Everything else I do only gives me trickling little amounts of RP’s and XP. Last night, for example, I ran into Troll Country with Schmitty. It was just the 2 of us grouped seperately from the warband and at one point I came accross a witch elf who I did approximatly half the damage to before the warband saw that I was on her. They quickly came over and took the rest of her life away, and at the end of that 20 vs 1 skirmish, I received a little over 1000 xp. Thats good right? NO! At my current level I can go kill 4 PvE mobs and get that much. I could be killing PvE mobs that are much easier to find and kill, and which could be part of a quest which will yield me a larger sum of exp in the end. All of this needs to be considered for Open RvR exp. Wheres the idea Slurm?!?  I have lots of ideas for this, but unfortunatly they all come back to simply increasing the amount of XP you get with the current system, but placing a cap on max XP so if you solo kill somone (which would be the most rewarding way to get ORVR XP), you only can possibly get so much. I think the cap is already in effect, but the amount you get based on percentage of participation in the combat with the enemy SUCKS. Really, how often do you 1v1 in open RvR? I have only ever twice, and last night was one time when I chased a Chosen around Barak Var for about 10 minutes. What a wimp.

Thats all I can remember right now. As I come up with other ideas, i’ll add them to the list. If you have any ideas, or suggestions on how these could be better, let me know!